The Easy Way Out

People have many reasons to want to quit drinking coffee, but as everyone knows this is easier said than done. Unless of course you already have a pretty serious love for tea and happen to get a job in a tea shop. Then it’s super easy. But in general, it’s easier to replace it with something than to quit cold turkey. Quitting coffee also doesn’t necessarily mean ditching caffeine either.

After about six months of not drinking coffee, I can say I definitely don’t regret stopping. Sure, I’ve had a cup here and there and have enjoyed the half of it I was able to drink. However, that joy was short-lived. The taste was great, the adrenaline boost was great, the jitters and the crash were not. After having gone a number of months drinking at least one, sometimes two, cups of coffee per day, I’m not afraid to say I was addicted to caffeine, much like most people I know.

What I found from the withdrawal was that the headache and the fatigue were easily combatted with a much the lower amount of caffeine found in tea. There are plenty of articles suggesting why tea may be better for you than coffee too. But of course, both coffee and tea have health benefits, take a look at the infographic below!

But, just like this article suggests tea is more hydrating and keeps you going for longer, both of these things that I have found to be completely true. A cup of tea will satisfy my need for caffeine, but won’t cause me to crash only a couple hours later. I’ve also noticed that it helps me study and write more efficiently. Coffee made me jittery, which in turn made me distracted. Tea gives me a sort of relaxed alertness that allows me to concentrate on my work, especially yerba maté. My mother, the dental assistant, would also be happy to know that I’m conscious about the fact that tea is much better for your teeth!

So if you’ve been considering quitting coffee for whatever reason, visit someone in a tea shop or do some research. If you say you’re not a tea person, I say you just haven’t found the tea for you yet! There are plenty different types and flavours out there and there’s guaranteed to be one you like. 

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I’m Roxanne Pepin and I am a Professional Writer, blogger, realist, cyclist, and cat lover at large studying at Algonquin College, in Canada’s capital city. I am an aspiring fiction writer and copy editor who writes for my fellow fiction lovers, music lovers, book worms, cycling enthusiasts, tea devotees, and real-time, high-on-life junkies.

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