Saigami: A History

Before getting down to what this blog will be all about, namely my experiences as the proofreader for the web-comic Saigami, I thought some backstory about Saigami and how I came to be its proofreader would be necessary.

The Flag of Hungary

The Flag of Hungary

Saigami is the story about a young woman named Ayumi, who finds herself transported into another world and must find the strength hidden within herself if she is ever to find her way home. The creator of this web-comic, the ever talented Seny, lives in Hungary and has had two short comics published within her own home country. Over the years Saigami has grown and evolved. It started with its own webpage, moved on to YouTube, and finally moved on to web-comic aggregator websites such as Inkblazers, then known as Mangamagazine, and Smackjeeves. These days you can only find it published in the web-comics anthology magazine Saturday AM.

It was on Inkblazers that we first met. I had stumbled upon Saigami purely by chance, and even with less than a full chapter available, I had fallen in love. The website notifies its creators whenever somebody favourites their works, and Seny thanked me for mine. Inkblazers was a website I wanted to be a part of, so I replied to Seny’s comment, listing the things I liked, and the one thing I didn’t: that her grammar wasn’t perfect. Given that English isn’t her first language, her level of fluency was still rather amazing.

At the time I hadn’t expected anything to become of this. I’ve said this same thing before with other web-comics, and it’s usually acknowledged and that’s all. However Seny offered the thought that maybe she should look for a proofreader, and I, in an incredible break from character, offered my services, as meager as they were and still are. And the rest is history.

This has been one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences of my life. In the coming weeks I plan to talk about the challenges I’ve faced and the way I personally have been changed. I’m still not certain about exactly what I’ll be writing, but fingers crossed it will at least be interesting.

I am an aspiring writer living in Ottawa, Canada, and the proofreader for the web-comic Saigami.