A Selection of Reviews from Our Professional Writers



The Recovering Spender
by Anna Moat
A calculated look at Greutman's pitch on money management

The Best Kind of People
by Myryam Ladouceur
The best kind of book: emotional, complex and thought-provoking

Sharp Objects
by Phoebe Strike
Gillian Flynn's murky thrill ride will make you want a drink



My Life in Japan
by Marty Le Gallez
Charm, sweetness and real life in a new(ish) place

My Best Friend's Exorcism
by Chris Campeau
Grady Hendrix's latest novel is a character-driven blend of demons and '80s pop culture

Cursed Child
by Nick Gibbins
The new awkward installment in J.K. Rowland's series proves her magic may be lost


The Savoy Brasserie
by Paulina Grace Hrebacka
A charming Westboro gem that will satisfy your eyes as well as your stomach

Sweet Jesus
by Cody Lirette
How will an extremely popular Toronto ice cream shop fare in the Byward Market?

Grow Your Roots
by Steve Smith
Crowded, delicious, vegan


Video Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
by John Cutland
Can Eidos Montreal's sequel live up to the hype?

by Ashton Heaps
Play the story of a traveller in one of the most beautiful games of our time

by Catherine Arbour
Blizzard's reaction to the call for heroes

by William Cousins
Another masterpiece from the makers of Limbo

TV & Film

Scream Queens
by Amanda Pereira
Ryan Murphy does it again with his comedy-horror's second season

Looking Up at the Half-Moon
by Mazen El-Kayssi
An anime wrought with moral dilemmas

Haters Back Off!
by Allison Van Maren
Miranda Sings' television debut hits all the right notes

Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World
by Tyler Cooke
Why this new and energetic Anime is one of the best shows of the year

Shin Godzilla
by Alex Sundaresan
Hideaki Anno pulls the strings on a revamped Godzilla


Romeo and Juliet REDUX
by Madeleine Lange-Chenier
A stab at modernizing the Shakespearean classic

by Amanda Simard
Unending love in parallel universes

Mamma Mia
by Marta Zwart
The ABBA-inspired musical gets a welcoming facelift from an exuberant Port Hope cast 

by Meaghan Côté
Seven actors playing dozens of roles. Can they pull off one of Shakespeare's best?