Things Have Changed

I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan for about 15 years now. After finding a Greatest Hits CD containing a retrospective of his entire career. I didn’t get into it all at once, Dylan’s music came to me in stages in almost chronological order. It was Blowin’ in the Wind, Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right, It Ain’t Me Babe, these songs lyrically and melodically had captivated me. Then later his 60’s rock efforts which are legendary. It went on from there.


Now, Dylan’s music isn’t very niche anymore. As a matter of fact Bob Dylan is history’s most decorated musician. He’s been the recipient of over thirty grammy’s, a Pulitzer Prize, presidential medal, an Academy Award, a golden globe, and a Nobel Prize for Literature, of which he’s the only musician to ever receive. With all of this to his name there’s still a fair share of people who just don’t like his music at all. His voice seems to be the barrier. Not quite sure what to make of that. There’s plenty of songs worthy of praise when it comes to his singing ability, most recently, “I Could Have Told You” on the Triplicate album.

Over the years my interest in music has died down. Other than Leonard Cohen and Mark Knopfler, and the occasional Springsteen my music taste has lied dormant for the past few years. Dylan’s music has always been more than just music though, it was the lyrics and their depth that has held me in deep interest of his work over the years. He once said of Woody Guthrie’s music that you could learn how to live just by listening to his music, in a lot of respects that goes for Bob as well. The timeless lyrical quality of his early songs, all the way up to his latest album of original material in Tempest. There’s just something about Dylan, and I’ll probably never quite be able to successfully explain what that is, but that’s okay. I know Bob will still be around “When The Deal Goes Down”

Justin Kataquapit

Justin Kataquapit was born in Moose Factory, Ontario, raised in various towns across northern Canada. He has an interest in classic literature, cinema, and has a wide array of interests in the arts. He is currently in his final year in the Professional Writing program at Algonquin College.

Dylan’s music has always been more than just music.