Comparing Pokémon Games


Pokémon started in 1996, when Game Freak and Creatures Inc. created the video game, Pocket Monsters Red and Green. In a way, it started when creator Satoshi Tajiri began collecting bugs. Eventually, he wanted other children to feel the joy that he felt. It took many attempts to pitch the idea to Nintendo, but they persisted and eventually it happened. Pocket Monsters didn’t have the greatest start, but as time went on, more people got the game. With it gaining popularity and eventually an anime, they decided to bring it to North America in September of 1998. Pokémon as we know it was born.

I got the game that Christmas. My sister got the Blue version, and I got Red. Unfortunately, I never knew what to do once the SS Anne left the port, so I never got to finish the game. But that didn’t change anything for me. I still love the game and thanks to my friends I have finished it now.

There are always two games per generation, and the only real difference between the two is what Pokémon you can catch. In the beginning, the games didn't have much of a story. You went around and battled the gym leaders, and sometimes you would fight Team Rocket (the villains of that generation). As the games went on, the story evolved. The friends/rivals of your character gain more depth, as does the enemy team. Black/White is my favourite game in the series, mostly due to the better story of the game. Team Plasma was a well-developed team, with their ultimate goal of freeing Pokémon. This was a good goal; Pokémon should be treated with respect, and trainers were the ones who were in the wrong not the organization that was stealing Pokémon. I liked it because the team had good intentions, though they didn’t execute them well. As for the new game coming out later this year, I don’t know much about the story, but I can’t wait to play and see where the creators have taken it.

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