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On October 12th, Pokémon X&Y was released worldwide. My roommate and I pre-ordered and went to the store early to get copies of the game.

The game was announced on January 8th, 2013, during a Nintendo direct broadcast. We spent the months after the original announcement waiting as the developers gradually leaked out information about the game. There were some welcome additions, such as new Pokémon, sky battles, and 3D graphics. The announcement of Mega evolutions, meaning that certain Pokémon with a specialized evolutionary stone can evolve into their mega form, caused some fans to questions the creators’ motives.  Many thought it to be a rip-off of another franchise called Digimon, while some think it’s a fun addition to the game.

From what I understand, Mega Evolution is considered a battle-only evolution, which means that if your Pokémon is holding the special stone, it will evolve during battle. That isn’t fun; I like it when my Pokémon evolves into a new Pokémon. The other additions only made me want to get the game even more. The 3D graphics and new Pokémon were awesome, and while I may not like all of the new Pokémon, I couldn’t wait for the game.

I purchased Pokémon X on the day of release. I chose that version because of the Legendary that came with it. I’ve been playing the game off and on ever since and I’m not disappointed. The graphics are stunning and the different Pokémon that you can catch on each route are amazing. The beginning of the game is fairly different; it doesn’t have as much explanation to slow down your progress. The creators have made it so that a few things are shown, but to keep the pace going they give you a book (comes with the game) that new players can read if they want to find out more. Many other aspects of the game will make it interesting, and I can’t wait to experience them.

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Sabrina Willis

Sabrina is a quiet and introverted person. She likes to read and write, watch anime and play video games. She recently moved to Ottawa, and now lives with two roommates and her cat Izzy. One of her favourite anime is Pokémon.  

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