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Nicolas Cage is a man of many talents, the foremost of which is acting. His filmography is extensiveIMDB lists him as having acted in over eighty films since his big screen debut in 1982and is made up of a wide variety of genres. It also happens to include quite a few bad movies, some of which are notorious for their sheer awfulness. I'm talking about movies like The Wicker Man, Face/Off, and Vampire's Kiss; movies so bad that they make you question Nicolas Cage's judgement for agreeing to be in them, and your own judgement for deciding to watch them.

As someone who enjoys bad movies, Nicolas Cage is one of my favourite actors. He has a talent for overacting that sometimes defies belief. My favourite thing about Nicolas Cage is how people often have their own stories about seeing his movies, whether it involves being awed by his acting skills or walking out of a theatre in disgust. In some communities, he's thought of as a pop culture icon. 

Join me on my adventure through this Cage of Nicolas as I examine some of Cage's most iconic "bad" movies. I'll be reviewing them in 100 words or less and sorting them into one of three categories: "so bad it's good," "so bad it's just bad," and "so bad it's boring."


Sharon van Wyngaarden

Sharon van Wyngaarden is a student in the Professional Writing program at Algonquin College. She enjoys taking long walks, drinking tea, and a good book. She also loves spending time with friend—especially if it means subjecting them to the torment that is watching terrible Nicolas Cage movies.

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