Otherworldly Advice: Seeking Answers through Psychics and Mediums

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I can guarantee you that you can find at least one psychic or medium in any Canadian city. Ottawa is no exception. It makes sense. Humans are constantly wondering (and obsessing) about the future. We want validation that we are on the right path. We also want to believe that there is something beyond this life and that our deceased loved ones are at peace.

I understand the skepticism and I will admit that I’m prone to it myself. After taking a psychology class in university, I learned how remarkably complex the brain is. Suddenly things that teenage me would have deemed supernatural could easily be explained by science. For example, the sensation of waking up with the feeling of a spirit holding you down is actually just sleep paralysis. It is also quite normal for people who are experiencing grief to have bereavement hallucinations where they see their deceased loved one.

Despite all of these scientific explanations, mediums are something that I can’t easily rationalize. Some will argue that the psychic uses the power of suggestion or relies on vague statements that can be applied to anyone. In some cases, this is probably true. However, I’ve witnessed psychics deliver messages with such specificity and accuracy that it forced me to contemplate the possibility of it being real. While some claim that mediums are taking advantage of those in mourning, it’s important to remember that people deal with grief in different ways. If someone finds comfort in the belief that they are hearing from a departed loved one, perhaps the validity behind the message matters less.

If you’re looking to meet with a psychic or medium, Ottawa has a wide variety of practitioners to choose from, all with different areas of interest or expertise. Some may focus on connecting with the deceased, while others may connect with angels or spirit guides. Be sure to do a little research and find someone who you think will best help you find the answers you seek.

If cost is a concern, Algonquin College’s Student’s Association periodically hosts psychic fairs. I decided to attend the most recent one on October 19. While the set up was less than ideal, and the sessions are only approximately ten minutes, the whole event is free. One young woman left her session with tears running down her face. I overheard her explaining that she connected with her grandfather. Say what you want about mediums, but those tears were real.

Whether you seek to connect with the beyond or are looking for some reassurance that you’re on the right path, speaking with a psychic or medium will almost always result in some form of self-reflection and that, in my opinion, is never a bad thing.

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Michelle Savage is a second-year Professional Writing student at Algonquin College who is hoping to turn her love of writing into a career. When she’s not buried in a book, she can be found on her yoga mat, on a hiking trail, or exploring one of Ottawa’s museums.