To Progress and Beyond

Just before the school year started I decided to organize my bookshelf. The shelves were filled with books, movies and box sets of TV shows. Every shelf was double stacked and balancing precariously on each other. Organizing my shelves was no easy feat. It took me a whole day, not only because I have a lot of books, but also because I needed to get rid of some. I knew I wasn’t going to read some of them again and some of them were from when I was preteen. I ended up with two huge boxes just sitting on my floor but my bookshelves were alphabetized. What happened to the boxes of books? Inspired by cleaning my closet, I moved the boxes to the trunk of my car to eventually donate. I’ve made the next step, but as it’s easy to tell, I’m not quite there on the follow through.

I have not met my goal in fully cleaning my closet, but I’m all right with that. I’m busy with school, homework and working at my part-time job. I know, I know, these are excuses, but I’d say they’re pretty good ones. Throughout writing this blog, I have been conscious of putting clothes back where they belong, either on hangers or in drawers. I’m proud to say that there are no clothes on the floor. I have started compiling a garbage bag for items I don’t wear or want anymore. I’ll probably get more clothes at Christmas, but that just means I have to get rid of more to make space. Hold me to it, please. I also purchased clear bins to make my closet more organized. I would say that is progress.

I have talked about perfectionism and hoarding. I have talked about organizing and cleaning. It all comes down to one thing. Me. When I first sat down to write this post I was worried about failure, but I told myself to look at it in a different way. I’m in school and I’ve made progress. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than it would be if I didn’t write this blog. Even if it’s just little by little, eventually I’ll end up cleaning my whole closet.

Because this semester is almost done, so is this blog. I’ve had fun writing it but not so much fun cleaning, so thanks for reading.

Left: Clear bins for organizing clothes and other items. Right: Bag of clothes and purses to donate.

Left: Clear bins for organizing clothes and other items. Right: Bag of clothes and purses to donate.



Stephanie is a twenty-something Professional Writing student at Algonquin that can be found forever cleaning her closet. Which is what this blog is all about. When she’s not cleaning her closet, she is either reading, writing or watching copious amounts of television.

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