Taking some time off

Nataly and I have both been busy. She's been putting in more hours at the clothing store, and school has more or less consumed most of my time. When we do have some down time, we don't dance together or work on choreo; we binge-watch shows on Netflix instead.

One night Nat said, "I haven't been to dance practice in forever." She told me she was feeling  bad about not going.

Nataly, far right, performing. Photo by  Mac Dimanlig .

Nataly, far right, performing. Photo by Mac Dimanlig.

PNL usually holds practice Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons, and lately Nat has been working most weekends. On the days that she had off, she chose not to go to dance.

"Do you still like dancing?" I asked her.  Her answer was duh. 


It reminded me of conversation she and I had when we talked about me. I worried about school and graduation and wondered if I really was a writer. Nat had asked me, "Well, do you still like writing?" and the answer was something along the lines of duh. "Then okay, you can be a writer." she said.

There's a narrative that if you pursue your dreams, you have to take on all of the hardships that come along. Those hardships might be little things, like going to dance practice on a weekend in the winter, but you still have to accept them and roll with the punches.

I read a few blogs about taking time off from writing and decided to look up "taking time off from dance." I showed it to my sister. She felt better when she read that it was okay to take a break from something she loved so much.

Life isn't linear and clear, and neither are the paths that we carve out for ourselves. We change. We get bored, excited, and distracted by the things in our lives and our interests ebb and flow.

Nataly is a dancer even when she isn't dancing, and she'll be alright as long as she knows that.


Stephanie Dor

Stephanie Dor is a student, barista, and athlete. She divides her time between homework, serving coffee at Bridgehead, and going on long-distance runs. One of her goals is to publish a novel, but in the meantime she is content with hanging with family and cuddling with her dog.

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