Canada's Got Game Too

Why is hockey Canada’s national sport? Not everyone finds it interesting. In fact, I can’t figure out what anyone finds interesting about it… Perhaps someone should make a blog about why they like it to help me understand. My point is, I'm sick of seeing hockey games on every channel in the winter time. I've noticed that some nights, while I cruise through the channels on TV, I am just looking for some relaxing show or movie to watch yet I can’t avoid a hockey game on every other channel. But during basketball season, I can’t seem to find a single game on any channel. You have to specifically order channels in order to be able to watch the games. Online, also, I have tried to watch games on random websites online but they are not broadcasted live. It was the most frustrating thing to sit there on my laptop and Google “watch Raptors game livefor an hour, when the game was almost over. I found links to sites that supposedly show live games but you have to pay for a membership there too.

The following video is an example of something that should be showed on TV, yet only aired on the Raptor's Youtube channel. I personally, would be extremely interested in watching a show like this on TV. I feel like it could also show more natural pride in the country's basketball team.

Open Gym, Presented by BlackBerry: Episode 9, Extended Cut. The Season 2 finale looks back on the 1st round NBA playoff series vs the Brooklyn Nets.

I can’t be the only person that has experienced this frustration before. The whole nation can’t be addicted to puck and stick wielding hockey players. Almost everyone that I know personally has played basketball at some point in their lives and loved it. Most of them still play it. Hell, I myself would love to play and become great at it. If only I wasn't afraid of judgemental looks from others when I’d miss a basket. Give me a private court in my backyard and I’ll play the game all day, every day. It is something that one can get lost in; something one can start out of boredom one afternoon and before you know it, it’s dark out.

Sure there are gyms you can play at and nets from Wal-Mart that you can buy but what is needed is the same attention and passion that hockey is given in this country. With more support from communities for the Canadian leagues already out there, and building of new ones, there will be more media on the sport. More reporters and cameras will be brought to the games and people will talk about it more. They will want to go to games or start playing themselves. This would give Canada versatility to not just be known for hockey and syrup. 

Tanya Shukalova is a 22 year old, Professional Writing student at Algonquin College. She aspires to be a sports journalist or to work for the government. She would like to write for a basketball team in the NBA and is also interested in photographing the games. 

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