Dunk Dreams

Not only is going to a basketball game fun for the whole family, it helps support a player’s dream. There are kids all across Canada that may not identify with the Canadian hockey image and prefer basketball. They may have a particular interest or talent for it. They may have come from a rough childhood and basketball might have been the only thing there for them growing up. Most of the basketball players I know are in love with the sport and it comes first before anything else to them. They give it everything.

When I go to basketball games, even though they may not be NBA games, I can still see how seriously the men take the sport. It shows how much it means to them and how much they enjoy it. In a way, I am jealous of them because for the life of me, I can’t find anything that I am that passionate about. In my mind, there is nothing better that you can do for someone than support their dreams. In a country focused on hockey and lacrosse, basketball is harder to get recognition for, so the players on any Canadian team need even more support.

My friend, whose game I went to for the first time, revolves his life around basketball. He has moved to many countries around the world for years at a time just to play. If I had something that I was that passionate about, I would definitely want the support from my community and even the whole country behind me. Just like we all have things that help us get through rough times, basketball might be that one thing for some young people. For this reason, I believe it should be fully supported by every community and positively encouraged.

Going to games, cheering your child on, buying them their first basketball, taking them to practice can all be ways to support the sport. Even if you are just looking for something to do on a Friday night, there are always games going on in high schools, universities, indoor gyms and courts or pick-up games on the streets in every city. To support a basketball player is to support a son, daughter, grandchild, brother, sister, father or mother with a dream. 

Tanya Shukalova is a 22 year old, Professional Writing student at Algonquin College. She aspires to be a sports journalist or to work for the government. She would like to write for a basketball team in the NBA and is also interested in photographing the games. 

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