Welcome to The Hippogriff Literary Pub! Come drink our prose and eat up our words. Our brew-masters and writers have worked extremely hard to put the right amount of blood, sweat, and tears into their work. It is sure to please all of your senses. We recommend checking out what's on tap before heading on to try our home brew. And make sure to try our happy-hour specials before last call. We also have by-the-bottle options and take pride in our world-renowned mixology experts. Or try everything all at once, we won't mind.

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Home brew

For the Love of a Pumpkin
By Rina Gibbons

My Technicolour Dream
By Jack Lytle

A Childish View
By Katerina Glowienka

What the Pelican Teaches
By Gavin Hart

She Was Still Alive
By Daniel Hendrikx

Four Harper Lane
By David Haddad

last call

Tories Must Go Back to Basics
By Alec Greenfield

The Elephant in the Room and the Party
By Bryan Mackay

A Wired Disconnect
By Blair Scott

When You Give, Who Benefits?
By Monique Veselovsky

by the bottle

Open Windows
By Holly Drew

Myth and Symbol
By Alec Greenfield

Sex, Football & Murder
By Caitlin Graham

Impersonating Emotion
By Blair Scott


The MindWork
By David Gurman

Horse Stories
By Derek Smith

By Mark Lentz

Leave a Message
By Kelly Spence


For the Love of a Pumpkin

A mother, a daughter, and a diagnosis.


A Childish View

The story of a grief-stricken family.

My Technicolour Dream

The emotional journey between Jack and a journal he discovers.

She Was Still ALive

"Across for emotion, and up for effect."


What the Pelican Teaches

The parallel lives of separated childhood friends.


Four Harper Lane

The debauchery of freedom too young.


an open letter to the pM about open letters

An expert delivers to the infant Trudeau government an open letter to end all open letters.

Trudeau says "no" to 24 sussex drive

The foul, disgusting truth about the Harper government is revealed to the Canadian people at long last.

Retail life sentence

A disgruntled retail worker lays out her ideas on how to solve the useless cretin problem.

Humanity Breathes its last breath, All is lost

 One man is tasked with delivering the shocking news about the untimely demise of absolutely everyone.


tories must go back to basics

 If the Tories want to renew their party, all they need to do is remember their history.

the elephant in the room and the party

The US presidential contest is sharpening America's divisions.

a wired disconnect

Exploring the pros and cons of the internet and smart device revolution.

when you give, who benefits?

Examining the corporate model to "sell" goodwill.

message in bottle.png

Open windows

Stephanie Wellman's art exhibition, It's All About the Light, illuminates its subject matter.

Sex, Football, & MuRder

Tony McNamara's coming-of-age film Ashby tries to put a new spin on a well-worn genre - but does it succeed?

myth and symbol

Kazuo Ishiguro's interplay of imagery and mythology informs his latest novel, The Buried Giant.


Impersonating emotion

Raw, vivid emotion instills Jack Blare's latest collection of poetry with a humanity that may sometimes be all too familiar.


The mindwork

Ever wondered what other people are thinking? The MindWork has your answer. 

HOrse Story

A story of a man who wants to find meaning in life.


A mountain hike that turns into a chilling encounter.

Leave a message

"Hey you've reached Ryan. Leave a confession after the beep."