Where Are Your Friends?

I went for solo brunch on a Sunday and after being seated. The waiter gestured to me while loudly telling his co-worker that there was a “single lady” in her section. The diner was mostly empty, but I couldn’t help but feel weird about being referred to that way.

Single ladies” was, of course, coined by Beyoncé in 2009 in one of her many anthems of solidarity for independent women.

Screw bringing someone along to prove to the world that you have friends. Then, you have to maintain a conversation with them while ravenously scarfing down the real reason you left your house in the first place. I’ve always felt the need to bring my laptop or a book along (or be staring into my phone) like a security blanket to avoid feeling awkward about it. 

I’ve never really thought twice about going out to eat on my own. Working at a sports bar, nobody blinks an eye if a guy has a beer and watches TV in public by himself but if I chose to do the same at the end of my shift, in most cases it isn't long before I have some unwanted company. I completely get that the waiter was probably making a joke. I laughed, but more in an attempt to feel less weird than because I found it funny. Trust me, wait staff could care less if you are by yourself, except when the place is full and you are taking a table of six to yourself. 

Laura Silver, a reporter from BuzzFeed UK went for a week of solo dinners at various London restaurants, ranking the awkwardness level from 1-5. Bey references and clever insight included, Silver found that showy, small-plates restaurants ranked highest on the awkward scale.

Photo Credit: Julia Eisenberg


Emily is a spoiled firstborn and an aspiring editor. She has a Bachelor of General Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa and works part-time as a waitress. In her spare time, she can be found in her apartment compiling her imaginary sneaker collection on Pinterest, snacking, and balancing on her head (sometimes at the same time). 

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