Early Risers and Late Comers: Just Go Home!

The employees assigned to the morning shift at Dollarma have to be there at least an hour before the store actually opens. We have responsibilities to take care of before we open the doors. Unfortunately, when the customers that show up before we open want in because they're “early risers” and want to get shopping out of the way, we can’t let them in. We are not responsible for setting the hours. Maybe they should try getting some extra sleep, as it is a nice alternative to getting up early to go to the dollar store.

Photo credit: Tiffany CUddy            The benefits of sleeping (sister on the left)

Photo credit: Tiffany CUddy            The benefits of sleeping (sister on the left)

Customers often get angry because the store isn’t open yet, but if they're regulars, they should know that we don’t open until nine. We have to complete big jobs before our shift is over, including stocking gum, batteries, glasses, and chocolate bars.  We try to do some tasks before doors open because it’s tricky to do them while serving customers. 

We call the people who come to the store around closing time the “late comers.” They decide to come in two minutes before the store closes, even though they know it closes in two minutes. Is there something more valuable they can do with their time? Wouldn’t they rather be at home watching a good movie or being with family than walking through a store? I would. What is so important to get at the dollar store that they couldn’t get the next day?

Employees assigned to night shifts don’t have it any easier than those who work mornings. Before the store closes, we have to put away items left at the counter by customers who decided that they “didn’t want it anymore.” We have to separate all these items and walk down each aisle to put them away. While doing this, cashiers also have to walk back to the counter to serve customers. If they're going to buy carts full of toys and candy, they shouldn't come 10 minutes before the store closes. Yes, Dollarama is open until nine, but that does not mean come in at that time. When we make announcements that the store is closing in 15 minutes and things should be brought up to the cash to be checked out, please just do it. Customers don’t need to spend the entire 15 minutes going up and down every aisle so that we have to check them out when the store has already closed.

Just because we work at Dollarama, doesn’t mean we don’t have lives too.


Tiffany Cuddy

Tiffany Cuddy is a second-year Professional Writing student at Algonquin College. Writing realistic creative fiction is her passion whether it’s short stories or someday a novel. She loves watching TV and movies whenever she gets the chance. She doesn’t like watching documentaries; she finds them boring, and will fall asleep (also loves sleeping). 

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