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Writing is a portal: to the past, to the future, to realms unknown to humanity. It bridges chasms between other worlds and our own. It connects us in ways that other art simply can’t by showing us lives that mirror our own in some twisted way. But, sooner or later, all good things have their end. You run out of ink, but hopefully, not imagination.

For this week’s episode of Affiliated, I actually did something a little different. I wanted to make sure you got the ending, so, I combined the final two screenplays. Though I could wish to have had more space to work with, actually going so far as to describe certain scenes only made the story drag on for too long.  

If you’ve been following along, you know what’s happening. Stan Mulder and Sarah O’Shea have been investigating a murder. Well, now is the time to find out who did it.

Episode 4: End Game

This week, it’s all about the wind down, but because I’m trying to fit two episodes together, winding down was hard to do.

Conclusions are hard to write. You’ve finally gotten to the point where it just has to end, but you still have ideas to keep it going. For example: what happens to Stan and Caroline. By now, you know that there’s obviously some romantic involvement there. Exploring that would have been interesting.

So, End Game is sort of split into two parts, with the majority being more the original idea of the official episode four screenplay. Part two, and the episode is by no means equally divided in half, would have been episode five. As I said, conclusions are hard to write, and winding down that quickly means leaving a lot of good stuff out.

Episode five would have focused more fully on being an actual ending: the trial of Terrence’s murderer, police-Affiliated clashes in the city, the start of a new war to decide the city’s fate. It would have been interesting to write, and maybe I’ll still do it. But, for now, it goes back on a shelf, making way for other, more important projects. Since Rising Vengeance, my first novel, is now for sale as an eBook, I have to start working far more seriously on its sequel, The Devil’s Dominion.

Affiliated has been fun to work on, and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.

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Stephen Trolly is a 20-year-old novelist and screenwriter. His primary focus is in fantasy and dystopian worlds of his own creation. He is a student at Algonquin College.

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Stephen Trolly

Stephen Trolly is a 20-year-old novelist and screenwriter from Kemptville, Ontario. His primary focus is on fantasy and dystopian worlds of his own creation. He is currently a student at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.