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All roads lead somewhere, but very few lead to the somewhere that you want. And when the road you take leads you to the wrong somewhere, what then?

When the road you took takes you to a somewhere you didn’t want to go, you can go back and find your own somewhere. But what if the somewhere you went turned out to be more interesting than the somewhere you wanted? Now you have a problem. While you can go back from the wrong somewhere to find the somewhere you thought you wanted, you can’t find that first road that led you to the wrong somewhere anymore. The roads keep leading you to the wrong somewhere. Not that these somewheres are the wrong somewheres, they just aren’t the somewhere you went when you went to the first wrong somewhere that was the wrong somewhere when you wanted the right somewhere. So, these somewheres don’t interest you, because they’re not the right wrong somewhere.

But you can stay in that first wrong somewhere too. The road that brought you to that somewhere goes on to other somewheres. One of those somewheres might even be the somewhere that you wanted before you knew that you wanted to end up in the wrong somewhere.

But you can’t stay in the wrong somewhere forever, either. Sooner or later, you have to move on to some other somewhere. They may be just as wrong as the first wrong somewhere, one may be the somewhere you first wanted, and they may never be as interesting as the first wrong somewhere. But you can only find the somewhere you really want by going in all the wrong directions. 

This is probably the best piece I've ever written.  It is called Somewhere. I wrote it in 10 minutes in the middle of the night. For some reason, that's when I do all my best writing; the darkest hours, when all the world's asleep. Peace and quiet, those elusive luxuries for the writer. Even the voices in your head have to sleep some time. So, poetry, micro-story, short fiction, call it what you will. My voices liked this one. I hope you do too. 

How does this fit with my blog, you ask? Well, it's good to brag about yourself every now and then. And, after all of the editing and rewriting, I need a break from ripping my hair out. 

Photo Credit: Elke Rohn

Stephen trolly

Stephen Trolly is a 20-year-old novelist and screenwriter. His primary focus is in fantasy and dystopian worlds of his own creation. He is a student at Algonquin College.

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Stephen Trolly

Stephen Trolly is a 20-year-old novelist and screenwriter from Kemptville, Ontario. His primary focus is on fantasy and dystopian worlds of his own creation. He is currently a student at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.