Gone for the Holidays

This morning, I found the city blanketed in snow. Like many fellow Canadians, I found myself dreaming of two things: a white Christmas, and a place that doesn’t plummet to - 20°C. I will be out of the country for the holidays, but today I’m focusing on a different kind of “gone”: Hannah Hart gone.

The star of My Drunk Kitchen has gained notoriety across the web for her drunken cooking antics, and hilarious personality. She’s genuinely funny, and she brightens up my day with what she attempts to do in her five-minute webisodes.  

Since chocolate and mint are holiday classics, today’s focus will be on those seriously addictive Girl Scout Cookies known as “Thin Mints.” So, welcome to a drunken review of My Drunk Kitchen.

Cocoa Loco Thin Mints!

Thin Mints of Mintiness.

Difficulty Level: 4.7
You’ll need to use both an oven and a saucepan! Whoa!

Find yourself a recipe. I used this one, since I had all of the ingredients. And I used this flour recipe.

Here’s what I did differently:

  • I’m not entirely sure if I cooked the cookies for 7 minutes. Probably closer to 5, which would explain their mushiness. I let them air out, and they got harder. It was pretty magical.
  • I didn’t have vanilla extract or peppermint extract. I used spearmint essential oil instead. I’m not sure if that’s even edible, but we’ll find out later…
  • I also didn’t have enough chocolate, so I made some from scratch. It’s so much fun! You throw cocoa butter into a pan with cocoa powder and some peppermint tea… it was so cool! And glossy. I might have burned it while watching.
  • I also had a helper!


Here are some lessons:

Chocolate Melting 101

Keep your saucepan on low heat, and only melt most of the chocolate into it. Put the rest of the pieces in after, and stir them until melted. Technique!

I may have eaten it all.

Cookie Cutting 101

Use a shot glass, if you have one. They’re the perfect size.

Dough rolled out between two sheets of parchment.

Cookie cutter!

Cookie Dipping 3.14159

Use a fork when picking up the cooled cookies, and when dipping them into the chocolate. It makes it a lot easier to work with.

Whoa - cookie dipping!

My Thin Mints turned out better than Hannah’s, but I don’t think that I was as intoxicated as she was.

I also didn’t buy my Thin Mints from a child. Sorry!

Happy Holidays!



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