Battle of the Sexes

Ladies who seek cred are out of luck, among true gamers, you're only good for anever mind.

The Gamer Code; Chapter 5, Final Verse

I’ve saved the crème de la contrived for the very last.

You’re not a gamer if you’re a girl. Strange, because the last time the Entertainment Software Association of Canada checked, 46 percent of gamers were women. 

Ah, but they only play Candy Crush Saga and iPhone games, I am told. One: those are real games. And two: nope. 

Mobile games only account for 38 percent of gaming in women between the ages of 18-34 (keep in mind the average age of a gamer is 31.) The remaining 61-62 percent happens on consoles and computers—that can mean Facebook, but it also means World of Warcraft, any game purchased via Steam or Origin, or any hard copy of a game. 

Penny Arcade is a comic by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. The Internet either loves or hates these guys. Stop by their site to make your own call.

Okay, fine, but girls who play so-called real games can only be so pretty, otherwise the girls must be fake. So every time I pick up a tube of mascara, my Xbox knocks an achievement off my profile, is that how it works? Or will I spontaneously combust if I pick up a controller while wearing nail polish?

In the current state of the gamer community, if you want to have ovaries and also be considered a gamer, you’re going to have to pull a Mulan. And for the love of God, if you wear a game t-shirt, you had best be hideously disfigured or be prepared to be quizzed.

Being a woman who loves the games she plays, I don’t understand why my mere presence is often reviled among men who play the same games. I can’t imagine what I could have done to deserve it. And even if men don’t want me in their games, they do still want games, right? Because if the gaming industry wouldn’t completely collapse without the participation of women, it would certainly die a long, drawn-out death. To quote a  woman in the gaming industry who is no stranger to controversy, former Senior Writer at BioWare, Jennifer Hepler (in an interview with Polygon): “Women represent over 50 percent of the population, tend to be in charge of household finances, and are the majority purchasers of games (when factoring in games bought by women as gifts for husbands, children, friends, etc.) To indulge a community that is actively trying to alienate this powerful market segment (not to mention gay men, casual gamers of all types and anyone new to the hobby), is suicidal."

Wren Guilmain


Wren Guilmain is a gamer by just about any arbitrary definition. As a self-professed BioWare fangirl, Wren loves her RPGs and Action-Adventures. To her, games are the next evolution of storytelling: "It's like a book that's trying to kill me; I have to solve puzzles and stay alive to find out what happens."

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